Thanks to, I received a wonderful and welcome position judging the New Mexico State Fair this past fall 2011. Thank you to the innovative website for helping me to find work.

I have had my "R" in Hunters, Jumpers, Hunt Seat Equitation and Hunter Breeding for a LONG time, and have judged over 600 horse shows so far in my life, but since moving to Colorado 3 years ago, it has been more difficult to find work, since I had mostly worked on the east coast and west coast previously, and don't know as many professionals here. is a great tool to connect show management with qualified judges.

Beth Nielsen
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About Us

Find A Judge is a place for horse show judges and staff to list themselves and get their information out to the horse community. Since advertising is so expensive and impersonal, there was a need for a place to put your information and some more detailed facts about yourself in front of managers throughout the country, thus expanding your circle of influence and allowing managers a simple place to shop for new up and coming professionals in the horse show world. Enter An economical place to allow people to research judges and others looking to work at horse shows. Look around the site and see that it is a great place to get more involved in the horse show world.

Our Mission Statement

Our purpose is to be the website that helps to get you hired for more horse show jobs. Know that this is a directory, so the information you write about yourself needs to be dynamic to show the managers who you really are. Knowledge is King! The reason this directory will work is because the advertising that is being done for the site will directly benefit the individuals on the website.

Listing as a group becomes widespread and more effective than one person could possibly afford. Become a member and you are hiring a promotional department who will work making sure the website grows continuously. We are already in national magazines and directories.

New techniques for advertising are being used everyday. That is a service that will cause this website to become the leader in this field. Google "Find a Judge", and you will see we are already number one on that search. Our goal is to become a household word, so anyone who has any need of hiring employees for horse shows just knows to come to

To provide a service for the horse show management, to find horse show judges and horse show staff. The Company will support the supplying of information to the appropriate parties, and maintaining this information while serving the community. This will provide a way for new and established judges to get themselves listed. To have a convenient collection of judges and independent contractors for horse show managers to research, and find new judges or workers to fill their needs.

About The Owner

My name is Jenny Paisley and I have had the horse bug my whole life. I started riding when I was 7 and have been involved in the horse business ever since. Growing up in Cleveland Ohio, I was able to show enough to get to indoors 3 times as a junior and Amateur. I then chose to continue riding and became a professional. The horse business has taken me all over the country and blessed me with meeting many great people. I still train horses and people to show and have just gotten my 4 Big "R"s for Hunter Jumper Judging. I have managed some small shows, course designed at those shows, and seen all sides of the horse business. Recently I have been studying the computer, and came upon a need I have. To get judging jobs. I am finding this new journey a fun and challenging task and hope Find A Judge can help many people.

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